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Poesía Pura  Music from Spain, Volume 2, 2008
A masterful new recording of compositions influenced by Poesía Pura, a Spanish poetic style introduced by Juan Ramón Jiménez (1881-1958), featuring works by Federico Moreno Torroba, Eduardo Sainz de la Maza and Antonio José.

    Federico Moreno Torroba
    Allegretto  (3:33)
    Andante  (5:39)
    Allegro  (3:38)

Selections from suite Platero y Yo
    Eduardo Sainz de la Maza
    Platero  (4:32)
    El Loco  (2:56)
    La Azotea  (3:25)
Selections from suite Platero y Yo  (cont.)
    Eduardo Sainz de la Maza
    Paseo  (2:54)
    La Muerte  (2:40)

Campanas del Alba
    Eduardo Sainz de la Maza  (4:55)

Homenaje a Toulouse-Lautrec
    Eduardo Sainz de la Maza  (5:53)
Sonata (1933)
    Antonio José
    Revised by Ricardo Iznaola

   Allegro moderato  (6:55)
   Minueto  (2:57)
   Pavana triste  (5:25)
   Allegro con brio  (4:41)
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¡España!  Music from Spain, Volume 1, 1998
"A cleverly put together volume of works that all have serious weight...Ito's tone is commanding and his phrasing feels very natural...rare to hear a recording work so well..." - Classical Guitar Magazine, May, 1999   Full Review

Sonata, Op. 61
   Joaquin Turina
   Allegro  (3:48)
   Andante  (4:45)
   Allegro vivo  (3:02)
Tres Piezas Españolas
   Joaquin Rodrigo
   Fandango  (4:07)
   Passacaglia  (5:56)
   Zapateado  (3:18)
Estudio en La Menor
    Eduardo Sainz de la Maza  (2:57)

Canciones Castellanas
    Eduardo Sainz de la Maza  (6:55)

Homenaje a Tárrega, Op. 69
   Joaquin Turina
   Garrotín  (2:58)
   Soleares  (2:10)

Zarabanda Lejana
    Joaquin Rodrigo  (6:02)

Invocación y Danza
    Joaquin Rodrigo  (8:23)

    Enrique Granados  (2:12)
     from Cuentos de la Juventud, Op. 1
     Transcribed by Masakazu Ito

    Eduardo Sainz de la Maza  (4:13)

    Eduardo Sainz de la Maza  (3:26)
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A Truly Classical Christmas, 1997
"There is nothing quite as beautiful as Christmas music, and no instrument can present that beauty quite like the guitar." - Masakazu Ito

Holiday Greetings Jingle Bells Pavanas, Fuga and Canarios
    Masakazu Ito  (2:16)     Arranged by Masakazu Ito  (2:38)     Gaspar Sanz, Arr. by Masakazu Ito  (7:04)
Away in a Manger Melancholy Galliard The First Noël
    Arranged by Masakazu Ito  (4:25)     John Dowland  (2:39)     Arranged by Masakazu Ito  (2:41)
El Noi de la Mare O Come All Ye Faithful Windsong   Sheet Music
    Arranged by Mugel Llobet  (3:18)     Arranged by Masakazu Ito  (4:50)     Masakazu Ito  (3:18)
What Child is This? Berceuse de Noël God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
    Arranged by Francis Cutting  (3:18)     Masakazu Ito  (3:41)     Arranged by Masakazu Ito  (2:40)
Nevicata - Pastorale Little Drummer Boy Villancico de Navidad
    Benvenuto Terzi  (5:00)     Arranged by Masakazu Ito  (2:43)     Agustin Barrios  (4:31)
        Takashi Yoshimatsu  (3:45)
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Intimate Guitar, Solo Guitar Collection, 1996
"...sensitive playing...technically fluent with impressive control...vast technique..." - Soundboard Magazine

Song Over The Sky   Sheet Music
     Masakazu Ito  (4:25)

Two Catalan Folksongs
    Miguel Llobet
     El Testament d'Amelia  (2:20)
     Canço del Lladre  (1:46)

    (Lute Suite No. 4)
    Johann Sebastian Bach  (4:34)

Scent of Melodies   Sheet Music
     Masakazu Ito  (4:48)
Recuerdos de la Alhambra     Technique DVD
     Francisco Tárrega  (3:46)

Serenade   Sheet Music
     Masakazu Ito  (3:36)

Capricho árabe     Repertoire DVD
     Francisco Tárrega  (5:41)

Mt. Princeton   Sheet Music
     Masakazu Ito  (2:57)

Memories of the Wind   Sheet Music
     Masakazu Ito  (3:49)
Salud   Sheet Music
    Masakazu Ito  (2:10)

Song For Two   Sheet Music
    Masakazu Ito  (2:06)

Gran Jota
     Francisco Tárrega  (7:39)

Little Music Box
    Isaias Savio  (2:06)
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Masakazu Ito, Complete Oeuvre
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Poesía Pura, Music from Spain, Volume 2, 2008

¡España! Music from Spain, Volume 1, 1998

A Truly Classical Christmas, 1997

Intimate Guitar, Solo Guitar Collection, 1996